Natural stone could bring timeless beauty and elegance to your Las Colinas home. Durable, versatile, and visually appealing, natural stone will give any room a stunning touch of luxury. Floor Coverings International Richardson is proud to connect Las Colinas homeowners with a variety of natural stone flooring options: granite, marble, slate, sandstone, and more!


Granite is one of the most durable and distinct natural stone options. Available in a variety of colors, granite is nonetheless easily identified by its characteristic speckled pattern. Granite is also one of the least porous natural stones, which makes it less prone to water damage and stains. Resistant to scratching, chipping, stains, and spills, granite is ideal for high-traffic areas.

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Nothing can top the elegance and beauty of marble tile. This natural stone will bring an instant touch of luxury to any room. The array of colors and striking pattern of marble have made it a sought-after stone for centuries.

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Slate tile flooring offers a more muted elegance than marble or granite. Most commonly found in shades of gray, slate tile can also showcase a variety of reds and browns. Slate is an extremely durable natural stone, even harder than granite. Slate is also relatively non-porous. Slate tile flooring is an ideal choice for kitchens, entryways, and bathroom.

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Travertine has a distinct warm palette, sporting shades of beige, brown, and gray. These natural tones create a subtle and beautiful tile flooring. Travertine is porous, which means there are numerous tiny holes in the rock. Water, when it seeps into these holes, can cause damage and staining. Travertine is best used in places without too much dampness or humidity.

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Similar to travertine, sandstone has a warm, neutral-toned color range. Sandstone has a striking wave-like pattern within the rock, which can be enhanced by polishing. Softer than most natural stones, sandstone is still a durable and long-lasting flooring option.

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