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Floor Coverings International Richardson is in love with all styles and varieties of hardwood floors. However, when it comes to quality, it is hard to argue that mahogany isn’t top-of-the-line. Traditionally considered a deluxe hardwood, this flooring material has it all: beauty, durability, resilience, and more!

Today we ask Dallas homeowners to join us in our overview of the mahogany hardwood floor, a timeless and mesmerizing classic in domestic flooring.

It’s Tough!

Mahogany is notoriously smooth – it features few-to-no grooves, pockets, or other aberrations that commonly appear on hardwood surfaces. Mahogany ranks extremely high on the Janka hardness test, which means that it takes a huge amount of mechanical pressure to put a dent in this super-hardwood.

Mahogany is harvested in a specific way, cut from quartered logs. Effectively, this makes mahogany floors very unlikely to warp from humidity and temperature changes as the seasons come and go.

Mahogany may be priced at a higher point than other hardwoods, but because of its durability and resilience, it needs refinishing less often. This translates to less time and money spent on hardwood floor maintenance, and a beautiful floor with very few noticeable scratches or scuffs.

Sunlight and Your Mahogany Floordallas mahogany hardwood floor

Hardwood floors can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, losing color and depth as they pale in the heat. Mahogany, however, is a bit different in this regard. It will take, on average, more sunlight than a normal hardwood floor to discolor the deep chocolate of mahogany flooring.

Secondly, sunlight doesn’t cause mahogany to pale, but to darken! Mahogany that is installed in sunny homes might be best purchased extra light, so as to greatly slow this effect.

Questions About Mahogany?

For all queries concerning mahogany or anything else in the world of flooring, call us at the number below or schedule a free in-home consultation today! Floor Coverings International Richardson is at the ready with a huge array of quality flooring materials and solutions! We proudly serve Richardson, Farmers Branch, and Las Colinas, and surrounding areas.

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