Carpet is a fabulous flooring option for all sorts of areas in your Richardson home, and stairs are no exception to the rule. Keep reading to learn more about the best carpet for your stairs, with expert advice from the team at Floor Coverings International Richardson.

carpeting on stairs richardsonKeep Your Family Safe

The right carpet adds texture underfoot, increasing the grip factor for your stairs and helping to prevent slips and falls. Carpet on the stairs is a great addition for homes with elderly adults or small children, both of whom are more prone to slipping and falling.

If a fall should occur, the carpet will also provide cushioning for a safer impact with the floor. In the case of older adults, a properly cushioned fall can really make the difference between a minor injury and a much more serious one.

High-Quality Carpet

In most homes, the stairs are a high-traffic area and they require high-quality carpet to stand up to all that friction. For extra longevity, don’t forget the carpet pad, which will keep the overlying carpet from wearing down too quickly.

Thickness Isn’t Everything

Carpet fiber and style can contribute more to durability than simple carpet density, and this fact is especially important when it comes to stairs.

The ideal carpet for stairs is durable but not overly plush. The reasoning behind this is that you don’t want too much fluffiness around the nosing of the stair (this is the edge of each step). Too much bulk here can cause slipperiness and can look unsightly.

Depending on the style of your stairway, plush carpeting might also bunch up and spill over in between bannisters.

Try a Carpet Runner

If you’re really worried about your carpet peeking out between your bannisters, or you just don’t like that typical look of carpeted stairs, try a stair runner instead.

Carpet runners don’t extend all the way to the edge of the stairs. Instead, they are fastened to the center of the stairs, leaving a strip of stairs exposed on either side.

If you have lovely hardwood stairs and you want to show that off, carpet runner will give you the best of both worlds, with carpet for extra grip and a beautiful peek of hardwood for the style.

Get Carpeting for Your Stairs Today!

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Photos by Robophobic, David Papazian