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In Dallas you’re bound to be dealing with red-hot summers. While there’s nothing wrong with a lounge in the sun, the heat can also be a stifling nemesis! A common solution is air conditioning, but as effective as that can be, it can run your electricity bill. Floor Coverings International Richardson has one additional solution to offer: your flooring! Some floors are best suited to homes that endure high temperatures because of their capacity for keeping things cool. Let’s delve a little into the science of floor temperature and the best options for a cool Dallas home!

The Science

Heat conductivity is a property of every floor, meaning that all flooring materials transfer heat to some extent. When your feet touch the floor there is a transfer of your body heat to that surface. Highly heat-conductive floors are those that rapidly absorb your body heat, causing the tactile sensation of cool flooring.

Carpet is one example of an ineffective cooling solution because of its low heat conductivity. Carpet does a limited job of transferring your body heat to itself, which means that during periods of high temperature it can feel uncomfortably warm to your body. The reason for its low conductivity is mainly its porousness. A large part of any carpet is actually air content! That air will not conduct heating the same way as something solid.

Stone-Cold Solutions

Stone flooring is easily the best material for keeping a home cooler in the summer. It possesses a high rate of conductivity, so it will quickly absorb that heat from your feet. This process does require that you are warmer than the tile, so if stone flooring has been exposed in excess to the sun, it will exacerbate the warmth problem and transfer more heat into you as you touch it.

Richardson stone tile

Stone flooring that cools will be best maintained indoors, in rooms where the curtains or blinds can remain closed. Stone tile floors like slate, travertine, granite, or marble, will serve an overheated homeowner well.

Your Seasonal Servicers

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